4 Day Primitive Snorkeling Holiday

Our 4 Day Primitive Snorkeling Safari Hoiday is short but is pretty adventure packed for our guests with limited time. With a laidback approach our experienced guides take you on an adventure to 2 of the top snorkeling destinations in South Africa. We also go searching for whale sharks and dolphins on an ocean experience and visit Tembe Elephant Park to see some of the largest elephant tuskers in the world! To round the primitive adventure off, our nights are spend in tented and basic accommodation with meals prepared around the african fire..

Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay Mouth

4 Day Primitive Snorkeling Holiday Includes:

1 x Nights Camping (can be upgraded to chalet),

2 x Nights basic accommodation,

2 x Snorkeling Adventures at 2 different locations,

1 x Ocean Experience by boat,

1 x Turtle Nesting Tour (Nov-March),

1 x Kayaking Adventure,

1 x Traditional Fish Trap Tour,

1 x Tembe Elephant Park Safari,

All transportation,

All entrance fees into reserves,

All meals.

Kosi Bay Snorkeling and Kayaking

About the trip..

The 4 Day Primitive Snorkeling Holiday has been tailor made for the guest that are looking for an adventure but only have limited time.. This is truly on the same level as any wilderness adventure, getting away from the norm and the beaten track.

Our 4 day primitive adventure focus on snorkeling at 2 of the best snorkeling destinations in Maputaland and at the same time keeping the budget down by camping and staying  in basic but comfortable and clean accommodation. Meals are basic, tasty and all made from local sustainable resources. 

Our guides are incredibly knowledgable and it is their passion and humble energy that will make this trip in paradise an unforgettable or even life changing Primitive Wilderness Adventure! 

Kosi Bay Snorkeling and Kayaking


Day 1:

We depart from St Lucia at 5am and travel 221km (3h30min) to Mabibi camp.. Arriving at Mabibi its time for a quick breakfast followed by a walk down the staircase with our snorkeling equipment in hand. This will be our first snorkeling adventure and sure to blow your mind away! Mabibi Point offer some crystal clear calm water on the low tide as the reef are exposed and block all waves from entering the snorkeling area. Depending on the moon phase, our mabibi snorkeling adventures usually last for about 2hrs..  

After snorkeling we all setup our own tent and settle into the incredibly peaceful vibe of Mabibi Camp. Lunch will be served around the fire place followed by a free afternoon for some time exploring the beach or lazing around.

At sunset we gather around the fire again for a cold beer and healthy meal cooked around the glowing coals.. After dinner we head down to the beach to meet our Comunity Turtle Guide for a Turtle Nesting Tour (nov-march). We ll be walking on the beach in search of Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles laying their eggs and hatchlings emerging..


Snorkeling and kayaking Kosi Bay

Day 2:

This morning we all get together around the fire at 6:30am for a steaming cup of coffee or tea and breakfast. Once we all had our fill we head off to Island Rock (11km) for some VITAMIN SEA! Here we will head out behind the waves on a 8meter long rubberduck inflateable boat on a Ocean Experience. We will be searching for Humpback whales(june-nov), Manta rays, Whale sharks, Turtles and Dolphins.. We will also stop for some snorkeling over some of the best shallow reefs in South Africa. This might just be your opportunity to snorkel with a whale shark or dolphins..

After our Ocean Experience we enjoy lunch on the beach and head towards our next destination, Kosi Bay Mouth (2h15min 100km). Arriving at our Kosi bay mouth camp we get some time to settle into our basic chalets before taking a short walk for some sundowners.  

Our evening is spend around the fire with a wonderful meal and some cold beers.

Snorkeling and kayaking kosi bay

Day 3:

This morning we meet for breakfast around the fire at 7am. After breakfast we ll take a walk down to the Tradition Fish Traps where our local guide will teach us about the traditional fishing method that has been going for 700 years in the Kosi Bay Estuary. Here we will be able to try and catch our own dinner..

After the fish trap tour we start our kayaking experience. Our guide will take us on an adventure through all the traps and past islands of mangrove trees with magnificent birdlife. The kayyaing trip will finish at the famous "Aquarium". Here our snorkeling area lie protected from waves in the estuary mouth. The area act as a very important nursery area for thousands of colourful marine fish.

After snorkeling we enjoy some lunch and start heading back up to camp for a relaxed late afternoon and sundowners. Tonight we hope to enjoy some freshly caught fish again with some ice cold beers around the fireplace.

Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay

Day 4:

We start the day with breakfast at 7am.. After breakfast we depart for Tembe Elephant Park (1h15min 59km) where we have some safari time waiting on us. 

Tembe Elephant Park is home to the big five and famous for its giant tuskers! These are elephant known to have some of the largest tusks in the world.. At tembe elephant park we usually see lots of general game to add to the lucky sightings of lion, rhino, leopard and wild dog..

We ll enjoy lunch at one of the hides at a waterhole observing animals coming to drink. After lunch we ll start our journey back to St Lucia (3h15min 220km) where it is unfortunately the end of our incredible Primitive Snorkeling Holiday.