Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay. The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay mouth is totally unique in comparison with any other destination in South Africa. Our Snorkeling and Kayaking Adventures are conducted in the Estuary of the Kosi Bay Lake System. Our Snorkeling and Kayaking guides at Kosi Bay mouth offer you a 1 night Adventure hosted from our rustic lodge situated close to Kosi Bay Mouth.

Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay Mouth

Kosi Bay Mouth

Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay. Kosi Bay Mouth is situated in the north eastern corner of South Africa, only a mere stone throw from Mozambique. Kosi Bay Estaury and its 4 interlinking lakes are by far the most pristine Estuarine ecosystem in Southern Africa. Boasting with warm crystal clear water fed by the indian ocean, the Kosi Bay Mouth area is the prime snorkeling and kayaking destinations in South Africa. Our rustic, very comfortable camp situated at the entrance to Isimangaliso's Kosi Bay mouth facilities, offer you brilliant activities, excellent service and mouth watering traditional meals.

Kosi Bay Snorkeling and Kayaking

Snorkeling at Kosi Bay Mouth

Our Kosi Bay Snorkeling Adventures are conducted at Kosi Bay Estuary Mouth. The Kosi Bay Mouth snorkeling area is refered to as "the aquarium" for very valid reasons. On the incoming tide, crystal clear water enter the Kosi Bay Estuary from the warm indian ocean. This make for excellent visibility and incredible amounts of fish movement. The Kosi Bay "Aquarium" is a declared sanctuary where no fishing is allowed, making its calm waters perfect for snorkeling adventures. Kosi Bay mouth is home to great numbers of morey eels, lionfish, surgeons, wrasses, triggerfish, mullet, grunter, bream, snapper, butterflyfish, moorish idol, flutemouth, goatfish and pickhandle barracuda.  

Snorkeling and kayaking Kosi Bay

Kayaking at Kosi Bay Mouth

Our Kosi Bay Kayaking Adventures are done on the Kosi Bay Estuary. Guided by our Kosi Bay Kayaking expert, we will navigate through the traditional local fish traps and through to the incredible mangrove forests on the southern shores of the Kosi Bay Estuary. Kosi Bay Kayaking Adventures offer you one of the few opportunities to see all 5 different mangrove species in Kosi Bay Estuary. Birdlife and fish movement around the kayaks are mind blowing! Kayaking is done on two man sea-kayaks.

Snorkeling and kayaking Kosi Bay

Visit the Kosi Bay Traditional Fish Traps

At Kosi Bay the local Tembe people have practicing the art of catching fish in their traditional fish traps for the last 700 years. These Kosi Bay Fish Traps are build from 100% natural materials and have been fine-tuned over the decades.

During your 1 night stay with us, we will guide you down to these fish traps where a local fisherman will explain how the fish traps function. If the traps were successful in trapping fish, you will also get the opportunity to try and spear your own dinner.

Snorkeling and kayaking kosi bay

Kosi Bay Accommodation

At our rustic camp at Kosi Bay Mouth, our accommodation is rustic but very comfortable. Each chalet consist of a bedroom with two single beds with clean bedding, bathroom with a hot shower, basin, toilet and a stoep with two chairs. 

The fire place, dinner and lounge area are shared by all our guests. This is where all our lovely meals will be served. Meals consist of a big breakfast in the morning and a tasty traditional dinner in the evenings. The kitchen have several fridges that can be used for keeping your own refreshments and lunch snacks cold. 


Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay

Kosi Bay 1 night Adventure

Day 1: After an early arrival at our Kosi bay camp, we settle in and enjoy a lovely breakfast. After breakfast its time to head down into paradise! Lovely walk, fish trap tour, kayaking and snorkeling. These four activities will be arranged according to the weather conditions and the tides. Pack a backpack with some snacks, refreshments and a towel as there will also be some time for simply relaxing down at the incredibly estuary and beach. Sunset with a sun-downer and a lovely evening and dinner around the fire.

Day 2: An early start to fit in one activity before a hearty breakfast. Check out will be after breakfast and a last chat with the crew about your two days of Kosi Bay Magic before we depart for our journey back to St Lucia.