Kosi Bay Kayaking Adventure


The Kosi Bay Estuary system is definitely one of the most pristine and vibrant systems of its kind along the east coast of Africa. With crystal clear water, cultural wealth, mangrove islands and incredible bird and fish populations, it make for a wonder world on a kayak! Our kayaking tours are guided by our highly experienced guides with your safety and enjoyment our highest priority.

Kosi Bay Snorkeling and Kayaking

Why go kayaking on the Kosi Bay Estuary?

The kosi bay estuary with its channels winding through the traditional fish traps and mangrove islands is the perfect location for both the novice and experienced paddler! Our kayaking tours is by no means a race, in fact it is a nice slow and relaxing experience. We do things at a thongaland pace..

It is the only estuary in South Africa where 5 different species of mangrove can be seen. The birdlife in the estuary is amazing with regular sightings of fish eagle, palmnut vulture, mangrove kingfisher, striated heron, flamingo's and lots more..

Snorkeling and Kayaking Kosi Bay Mouth

About the Kosi bay estuary system..

The system's main freshwater source is groundwater and two rivers with catchment areas over sandy soils. This ensure that the kosi estuary always remain clear of silt. With ample amounts of freshwater and the lack of silt, the mouth of the kosi system always remain open.

The daily high tides push crystal clear nutrient rich water into the estuary assisting with balancing salinity and supplying the essentials for the magical estuarine ecosystem to flourish.  The salinity in the estuary also make it impossible for nile crocodiles to survive as they need to drink fresh water. The estuary where we kayak is a safe area with no crocodiles and few hippos.

Snorkeling and kayaking Kosi Bay

What to expect on our Kosi Bay Kayaking tour?

Our experienced kayaking guide will meet you down on the way to the Kosi Bay Mouth parking area. On arrival he will give you a safety pre-briefing and some tips on how to streamline your paddling. We use two man sea kayaks, nice and easy to paddle and very safe!

The kayaking tour will start by crossing to the opposite bank of the kosi estuary by navigating through the traditional Thonga fishkraals. On the southern shoreline you will be guided into the mangrove channels to witness the amazing mangrove islands!


Kayaking kosi bay

Here your guide will point out the diversity of mangrove species found in the kosi bay system and search for some of the special birds at home around these islands.

From here your tour head towards river Kukalwe. This is one of the small river systems feeding the kosi estuary with freshwater. Kukalwe is a stunning sanctuary for fish and birdlife and you might also be lucky with spotting the resident hippo. From here you will slowly follow the channels back to the finishing point.

Note that depending on the wind direction the trip might be done in a different order..

Snorkeling and kayaking kosi bay

Cost and Meeting Point for the Kosi Bay Kayaking Adventure..

The cost for our 2 hour Kayaking Adventure is R300 per person. Our guide will meet you at the first fish traps on the way down to the Kosi Bay mouth parking area. You will see the kayaks on the shoreline just after you cross over the wooden bridge on the way to the mouth.

All that you need to bring is your swimwear, sunblock, some water and happy holiday vibes.

Please note that you will have to collect your own permit to enter the park from either your lodge or from the Ezemvelo Kzn Wildlife office at 3rd lake. Alternatively let us know and we can try to arrange one for you at least one day in advance at an additional fee.

Snorkeling and kayaking Kosi Bay

Kayaking tour breakdown:

Cost: R300 per person.

Duration: 2 hours.

Meeting time: To be announced  on booking.

Included: All required kayaking gear.

What to bring: Sunblock, swimwear, food/drinks if you gona stay for the day and happy vibes.

Meeting point: The first fish traps after the wooden bridge on route to the Kosi bay mouth parking area.

Not included: You need to get your park entrance permit from your lodge or Ezemvelo office at 3rd lake.