St Lucia Walking Safari

More than just observing animals on foot, our mission is purely to give visiting guests the opportunity to forget about their worries and daily busy lifestyles and to simply “be in the moment” for a short while. Our guides are all highly skilled at the art of reading animal tracks and signs and will fascinate you with their interpretations of what happened on the trails the night before.

St Lucia South Africa Hiking Trails

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Location: Meeting at St Lucia Crocodile Center

Cost: R350 per person

Info: Our walks are conducted in an area with no elephant, rhino and buffalo

St Lucia south africa birding guides

Boasting with 526 species of birds we will do our best at
identifying even their calls as they sing with the rhythm of Africa

St Lucia South Africa things to do

Common mammal sighting on our Walking Safaris include zebra, wildebeest, waterbuck, impala, warthog, red and common duiker, common reedbuck, kudu, vervet monkeys and rarely leopard, hyena and side-striped jackal.